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Friday, July 24, 2009

Le Colombe d'Or - (Art & Food)

The Colombe d’Or started life in 1920 as “Chez Robinson”, a café bar with an open air-terrace where people would dance at weekends. It soon attracted characters from the near and far. The friendly atmosphere together with the owner’s deep interest in the arts encouraged the visit of many famous poets, writers and artists and the walls are now covered by paintings, which were often exchanged for accommodation, meals or a bar tab. The grand wood panelled restaurant happens to be one of the world’s best art galleries. Picasso, Matisse and a host of other struggling artists used to stay here and settled their bills with paintings. The Roux family currently take care of the Colombe d’Or.


There are a number of restaurants around the world which claim celebrity clientele but La Colombe d’Or really does; Elton John, Michael Caine, Roger Moore (whom we sat next to on this occasion), to name but just a few, are all regular visitors who mix with every day diners on the crowded restaurant terrace. The valet parking is a godsend if you arrive by car. Pull up outside the small wooden door and hand over your keys to one of the valets.
The Hotel is located at the entrance of the village of Saint-Paul de Vence - (Picasso couldn’t have dreamt a more stunning place).
The food is traditional fare - but words struggle to describe the theatre and attention to detail from the staff that prepare and serve at your table the freshest of seasonal ingredients, the restaurant seats approximately seventy people in the main dining hall, thirty in a private room and one hundred on the garden terrace.
I would suggest to book weeks, if not months, in advance to secure a lunchtime or evening table. After we had enjoyed hors d’oeuvres - a magnificent basket of raw vegetables arrived - artichokes, radishes, cucumbers, carrots and celery appear in abundance. Among their number were sardines en escabèche, chickpeas, celeriac remoulade, black pudding, rice, couscous, potato salad, lentils, artichoke hearts, aubergines and squid, a banquet, even before our chosen fish mains arrived.
The Colombe d’Or remains one of the world's great experiences, the cuisine is simple - but a very memorable event, the atmosphere is unique and whether you are a film star or an ordinary diner they make you feel special. The food is good even if no Michelin stars and when you take into account the history, traditions, the quality of service and the setting - it is affordable.

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