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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Riedel Stemware - Kufstein

In mid-to-late July, after driving across the border between northern Italy and Austria - I drove up to the village of Kufstein the head-office for Riedel and home of Georg Riedel. I spent 2 days visiting the Riedel factory and talking with the family, their team and watching the master craftsmen create the world’s finest stemware.

During my time at Riedel I had the opportunity to visit the factory floor and see at close quarters all of the quality steps that each piece goes through before being given the final seal of approval - the Riedel name on each piece before packaging and shipping off all over the world.
The craftsmanship and attention to detail at Riedel - simply has to be seen to be believed. On my arrival I was asked to make a journey through the world of glasses and senses. I was taken through a series of specifically designed rooms that teaches/ reminds us how we use all of our senses; eyes, nose, and all parts of our palate and how in combination they create the picture, voice and personality of each unique and individual wine.


The effect of these Riedel glasses on all wine is profound. It can be seen by all what a difference they make. Thanks to worldwide demand, the Sommelier series is now the wineglass benchmark and the most successful series of hand-made, mouth-blown wine glasses in the world.

It was incredible to watch the best wine glasses in the world being made right in front of my eyes, the Riedel Sommelier glass being mouth-blown, this range of glasses are their ultimate flagship brand.
The bowl is mouth-blown into a mold crafted to concentrate the wine's aromas and direct the flow of the wine to the optimal areas of the mouth/palate; the stem and base are handcrafted using centuries old techniques of glass crafting.
Claus Riedel, the first to understand how the shape of a glass dramatically affects a wine's bouquet and flavour, has turned knowledge into perfection, turned a sip into a celebration.
Backed by 250+ years of glassmaking excellence, Riedel wine glasses and decanters (yes don’t forget to decant your wine) are the finest instruments in the world for enhancing your enjoyment of wine.

Then after I thought that it couldn’t get any better than that, I was then invited to dinner at the Riedel family home, where each wine was served at the appropriate temperature in the correct glass, and each wine was decanted before each course, that was carefully matched with each wine.
As I say - wine is best when sipped, savoured and shared with good food and friends, this was definitely one of those occasions.

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