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Friday, July 30, 2010

Paul Jaboulet Aine - Rhone Valley

My return visit to Paul Jaboulet was well over-due. Like many wine enthusiasts around the world and here in New Zealand - I have an incurable fascination with Syrah and the myriad of complex, though complimentary combinations with other Rhone reds. Jaboulet has a world-renowned reputation for excellence across a range of Rhone wines. Jaboulet is well known for producing a range of wines from vineyard sites in some of the best appellations in the Rhone.
Over 3 days I experienced what can only be described as an ‘epiphany’ in the Rhone Valley. Thanks to 'Frédéric Jaboulet' - I was given an unprecedented Rhone experience; from cutting through the soil profile of nearly every known elevation in the Rhone Valley to visiting some of the most remote and sort-after vineyards - guided by 3 of the most passionate and knowledgeable viticulturists; Ralph Garcin, Coralie Houarner-Rassin, and Sébastien Baillon. Then with Frédéric - Jacques Desvernois (winemaker) took us through a comprehensive and insightful tasting through all the individual vineyards and the finished / blended wines from the previous and current vintages.


Jacques and I slowly worked our way through the full flight of wines - from the popular Cotes-du-Rhone ‘Parallele 45’, a Grenache and Syrah blend, that defines the best of the Valley, through to their highly-regarded Syrah, ‘La Chapelle’, from a tiny 21-hectare vineyard on the famous Hermitage hill, which earlier that day I had made it to the top of.
I also had the repeated pleasure to meet with the charming Caroline Frey the chief oenologist at Jaboulet - since her family purchased the winery in 2006, whom I first met in September of the same year at Ch. La Lagune in the Medoc.

The passion and attention to detail in the vineyards (where they are practicing sustainable methods) through to the quality winemaking - which will have an improved edge this vintage - as a new winery facility will be completed before this year’s harvest. Jaboulet embodies all that is great about this extraordinary region. While there is an enduring Jaboulet character in all their wines, the key to them, is that their wines authentically reflect exactly their terroir. After all, when you own and manage some of the most expensive pieces of wine real estate in the world, you want that unique character and quality to show through.

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