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Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Pomerol is the smallest wine producing area in the Bordeaux region. Its relatively small vineyards produce sumptuous, lively wines which are constantly sought after. This appellation has not been classified, yet the wine-making standard is extremely high throughout this region. You will not find typical huge Bordeaux chateaux as in the Medoc area.
As in the neighbouring appellation of Saint-Emilion, the predominant grape variety is Merlot, often with Cabernet Franc and smaller quantities of Cabernet Sauvignon. Unlike other Bordeaux regions, Pomerol has no official wine ranking or classification. However, wines like Chateau Petrus and Chateau Le Pin are priced as high as the classified first growths of the Pauillac and Saint-Emilion such as Chateau Ausone and Chateau Cheval Blanc.


Thanks to its soil, Pomerol is home to the world's elite Merlot-based wines. These wines blessed by the gods combine exceptional aromatic power with incredibly silky tannins. A work of art of the Bordeaux countryside and every possible square metre of ground that is suitable for growing vines are carefully planted.
Created in 1936, this appellation has a winemaking tradition began by the Romans. The unique 'terroir' has a surface of stones and sandy deposits covers clay mixed with iron oxides, which is also known as "crasse de fer" (iron filth).
Merlot grows so well here that it can easily represent 70-90% of vines planted on some sites. Tasting the resulting wines is an extraordinary experience for any wine lover. The use of these grapes gives Pomerol wines their smooth suppleness, and usually allows them to mature faster than Cabernet Sauvignon based wines. However, there are so many different producers on these small estates that the style of Pomerol is quite individual.
The most famous Pomerol chateaux are found to the east on the 'plateau of Pomerol'. The desire for Pomerol wines is generated both by the exceptional quality and by their rarity, due to the small size of the vineyards.

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