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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio Valdadige D.O.C. 2011

Grape Variety: 100% Pinot Grigio

Growing Region: Trentino - Alto Adige, Italy

President: Count Paolo Marzotto

In 1961, Santa Margherita’s winemaker had the inspired idea of applying traditional sparkling white wine vinification techniques to the pink-hued Pinot Grigio grapes of Trentino - Alto Adige He immediately separated the skins from the must in the pressing phase and thus preventing them from yielding the typical hint of colour. Thus creating this innovative white wine with its characteristic fresh, fragrant bouquet and versatile taste, creating a revolution for the traditional wine sector. Ever since, (and this 2011 vintage is celebrating 50 years) it has continued to gain popularity and accolades both in Italy and around the world, maintaining its position as the benchmark by which all other Italian D.O.C. Pinot Grigio’s are judged.
Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio has been named the leading Italian wine in the USA and continues to be requested by name in restaurants the world over. This Pinot Grigio was harvested during the first two weeks of September and fermented for 10-15 days at cool temperatures in stainless steel tanks, with no malolactic fermentation - to retain the natural fresh characters.
This dry white wine has a pale straw yellow colour in the glass. Its clean, intense aroma and bone-dry taste, with an appealing lively palate with a pleasant crisp apple aftertaste makes Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio a wine with a delicate personality. Its crisp, elegant character makes it versatile for a wide array of light cuisine. Chill and serve at 8°C.

Drinking perfectly well this summer; and over the next 1-2 years.

Perfect wine match with shellfish, steamed white fish, sardines and summer salads, enjoy.

The benchmark Italian D.O.C. Pinot Grigio.



  1. This was the favorite wine at my birthday party attended by family in Sydney last weekend, celebrated at a highly rated Paddington restaurant.
    I hoped to find supplies in NZ but can find no one who stocks it.

  2. because less and less people are willing to pay 26 USD for a bottle of white that requires the retailer to get in 100 case at once