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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Matching Wine with Pizza:

When matching food and wine - simply think of matching the strength of flavours and weight of the dish with the wine. Wine and food are meant for each other; each enhances and strengthens the experience of the whole.
Consider whether a dish is ‘heavy’ or ‘light’ in nature - in general, look to pair a light-bodied wine to go with a light dish, a medium-bodied wine to match a fuller dish, and a full-bodied wine to go with a heavy dish.
Other factors to take into account when looking at pairing potentials is the foods acidity. Acidic foods, like a Greek salad or lemon-based sauce work well with wines that share a natural undertone of acidity (e.g. Riesling or a Pinot Grigio). While foods that lean to the sweeter side - tend to pair well with wines that are just a bit drier than the food they are to compliment (e.g. off-dry Riesling).
Think about the flavours in a dish the same way you think about the flavours in wine - as families of flavours. If a dish has mushrooms, it has an earthy flavour; if it has citrus or other elements of fruit, it has a fruity flavour (and so on). Then consider which wines offer earthy flavours, fruity flavours, herbal flavours etc. Take notice of a foods texture that is similar to that of the wine - and wines whose intensity of flavour match.
So as my friends like to do - they set me a challenge and asked me to make some wine suggestions with a range of everyday Pizza’s - so here are a few to enjoy at lunch or dinner with good friends.
More wine and food matches to follow...

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