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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Quinta de la Rosa White Port

Grape Varieties: Gouveia, Ravigato and Malvasia Fina
Growing Region: Douro Valley, Portugal
Head Winemaker: Jorge Moreira
In the summer of 2011 - I had one of the most memorable of visits to Quinta de la Rosa - whose reputation for excellent port comes from a stunning location situated in the heart of the Alto Douro on the banks of the River Douro near Pinhao. Quinta de la Rosa produce small quantities of high quality ports - and this White Aperitif Port is a first class aperitif wine.
This white port was made in the traditional manner in their granite Lagares, the grapes are lightly trodden to give its distinctive golden colour, and before the free run juice is fermented and then fortified with clear brandy spirit to stop fermentation and retain natural sugars. The white port is then stored in small wooden casks and matured in the cellars at la Rosa. This port has been lightly filtered with no fining and requires no decanting.
This white port is made from traditional white port varieties, mainly Gouveia, Rabigato and Malvasia Fina. A first class aperitif wine, this is a beautiful amber/honey colour. Involving and perfumed nose, dominated by the fresh and floral aromas. It shows excellent fruit on the palate, tropical fruits especially pineapple, but at the same time has a long dry finish, typical of the house style you find at La Rosa. No decanting required and it should be served slightly chilled between 8 - 10ºC.
Drinking perfectly well this season; and over the next 2-3 years.
Perfect wine match with rich pates, fois gras, rich cheese and cold fruit desserts, enjoy.
Treat yourself to a Port-tonic this summer.
Once opened, when stored chilled - should be consumed within 4-5 months. Chilled White Port is an enjoyable aperitif or with a mixer, White Port and Tonic is a particular favourite on the terrace at La Rosa in the summer whilst nibbling on some homemade roasted almonds. Make it with ice and a slice of orange, lime, even kiwi-fruit. Place orange slice at the bottom of a tall narrow glass - half fill with ice, add one 1/3 white port and 2/3 tonic.

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