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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Pasqua - Veneto, Italy

After taking an early morning cross-country train from Vienna to Innsbruck in Austria - and stopping just briefly - I took a 2nd train across the border into northern Italy and ended my journey in Verona.
I didn't arrive at the local train station until after closing for the rental car company’s office hours - so collecting a hire car was not possible, plus I found the next morning it wasn't possible for the next few days, so public transport was to be my new best friend. For my first full day in Verona I was met by Cecilia Pasqua - who has recently returned home after 8 years being based in the UK. I was kindly invited to revisit the Pasqua Winery and head-office in San Felice, just a short drive north-east of Verona. It was in 2007 that I was last here - so it was nice to catch-up with the team and family of Pasqua, plus talk through and taste a range of wines from their varied labels and levels of quality wine styles.
As with my last visit to Pasqua - as you near, the winery stands proud and confident on the landscape and inside the offices, working winery and bottling areas; barrel halls and tasting rooms are something to be proud of - as the spaces are efficient, practical, technically advanced and with a sharp and attractive modern Italian design.
With nearly 90 years experience working the land in this region, they remain a driving force of the region's success; ensuring wines like Soave, Bardolino, Valpolicella and Amarone to name a just few are known by wine enthusiasts the world over.
Pasqua continues to be one of Italy's leading independent, family owned wine companies and one of the few wineries of the Veneto region who have their headquarters in the heart of the commercial area on the edge of the city of Verona. It was a pleasure to catch-up with Carlo Pasqua, as it had been a few years since we last caught up in London. So after a good chat he guided me through a substantial wine tasting with the knowledgeable support of his daughter Cecilia.
The impressive and comprehensive wine tasting - was held in the spacious tasting room, with a full-length glass wall looking into the one of the barrel halls. Starting with a Prosecco Superiore DOCG, then working through their local white varietals like Fiano, then a series soft and approachable red wines like Bardolino, Valpolicella and ending with a vertical assessment of 4 outstanding vintages of Amarone.  It was an incredible insight into the terroir from which the grapes are grown and sourced - but more importantly the personality and character of the Pasqua family in each wine.
Pasqua’s wine have achieved a good balance between maintaining tradition and rustic wine styles with fresh, fruit driven wines that the international wine market is enjoying with a wide array of occasions and cuisine.
It has been stated before and is a clear focus for Pasqua - everything they do is all about "A Family Passion" - this is evident from the family members involvement at all stages of the winemaking process. The three senior Pasqua brothers (Carlo, Umberto and Giorgio) are gradually stepping aside to allow their children to take on key responsibilities and grow the business in existing and new markets.


At every stage of the process - the Pasqua family is dedicated to producing high quality, value for money wines. For many years now Pasqua has had a reputation for crafting quality Amarone-style wines, with the world-wide demand growing dramatically over the past 10 years. With the hard work from all the winemaking team - now lead by chief winemaker Giovanni Nordera, whom I had a great discussion with about wines, and developing parts of the market - can be seen clearly in all their wines, especially the single vineyard 'Villa Borghetti' range of wines.
In the early evening, Carlo and I walked into the centre of Verona and visited a few of the top wine bars that list Pasqua wines, met some leading personalities plus briefly visited other leading businesses. Then we ended the day by having an exceptional dinner with Cecilia at the famed 'TeodoricoRe' restaurant located on the hilltop looking down on Verona.

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