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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Matching Wine with Ice-cream

On a recent trip to Europe - I had the pleasure to sample and enjoy a wide array of sorbets, gelatos and a range of homemade and commercial quality ice-creams. Several restaurants made their own, or had a local supplier in the near-by village making them fresh and delivering as they needed. Plus I visited several top establishments that specialised in these fresh, fruity and creamy treats.
During each occasion came the inevitable question - Gavin what can we pair with our gelato, what wine do you suggest or can you find to match and compliment the personality in both.
So here are a few of the matches we made, along with a few of my favourite wine and sorbet, gelato and ice-cream pairings.
You must take into account the resulting high sugar content in some of these wines can tend to be thick, sweet, and very rich; some people find for example Botrytis dessert wines slightly cloying because of the sweetness, while others can't get enough.
Be careful when trying to pair sweet wines with ice-cream and even desserts - as the two don't always match each other's intensity - but when matched well they are a perfect end to any lunch or evening meal - plus either can be at their best and enjoyed on their own.
The following are only suggestions, guidelines and starting points - enjoy the journey.







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