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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Matching Wine with Tapas

Pairing wine with tapas just sounds fun - let alone actually being a great tasting experience.  The first wines that always come to my mind are a Fino or Amontillado Sherry which seem to go so well with almost every kind of tapas from olives to fish to chicken. Plus being especially good with salty tapas like anchovies, seasoned almonds and with spicy or garlic prawns. When you find the best match a Sherry served cold and fresh - just cuts so well through the salt, oils and subtle fats to release all the hidden flavours and cleanses the palate for the next bite or mouth full.
Another wine top of mind - is a lively Rosado (Rosé wine) as they can stand up well to the vibrant and sometimes robust flavours of tapas, with a favourite match of mine being with a good seafood Paella.
Youthful, Rioja red wines are also an enjoyable match - particularly if you are enjoying meat style tapas like chorizo and kidneys cooked in sherry or wine. In fact most tapas’ sessions can start with a chilled dry sherry, then move onto a Rosado/Rosé or a Spanish white wine like an Albariño, or a crisp dry Riesling, or even a Chablis, with seafood tapas and then move onto a red Rioja Crianza or light Syrah, or a Rhone-Valley red blend with meat or mushroom-based dishes.  Then for those slow cooked, roasted or BBQ cooked meatier tapas you can pair a Gran Reserva, a Carménère and even Cabernet based red wines.
Also don’t forget - along with crisp, fresh still white wines - also look to match certain tapas with a fresh Cava (sparkling wine) - which can pair extremely well with fried dishes such as calamari, croquettes, with fried fish and other seafood dishes.
The following matches are only suggestions, guidelines and starting points - enjoy the journey.




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